Also known as "BANDIT MAIL STAMPS"

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On May 6th of 1923, bandits under the Leadership of Kuo Tsai-Chi derailed the Tientsin- Pukow Express and took prisoner 120 passengers who were forced to march for ten days into the Pao Tzu Ku mountains, where they were held for ransom.

Carl Crow, an American Red Cross representative organized a messenger service between Pao Tzu Ku and Tsaochwang. A small supply of stamps were printed from wood dies cut at Licheng in 5 cents and 10 cents denominations. The five cents stamp shows "50" in error. The stamps were used on letters to and from the hostages before they were finally released on June 13th of 1923. The hostages included citizens of China, United States, Great Britain, and various European nations.

About ten years ago we sold one of these stamps on a small envelope which had traveled during this episode, for a sum in excess of five thousand dollars. One cover bearing this and companion 10 cents stamp, addressed to san Francisco, realized over $10,000 at an auction in June of 2006.

We are now pleased to be able to offer this superb unused example of the same stamp. Our special offers price for this very rare stamp...

We have cutouts from magazine articles with pictures of the chief bandit, a group of the European hostages, and of the hijacked train surrounded by the victims, bandits, etcetera. These will, of course, accompany the very rare stamp. (Inventory 41690.)

Our Inventory Number - 41690

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